Top Online Advertising Automation Tools

Looking for the best Automation Tools to keep track of your marketing efforts? Here are some of the latest tools to keep audience engagement and SEO ranking at an all-time high. Also, get the best online advertising automation tools right here and take your campaign creation to the next level. 

Automation tools are becoming more and more popular as marketers seek to find the top gadgets, in addition to managing repetitive tasks. Whether it be finding the right keywords, creating captivating content, hosting their campaigns, and a whole lot more.

These automation tools give companies and online advertisers a major efficiency boost. Email marketing, social media posting, and campaign creation can take a lot of time to get right. Therefore, the right automation tools will streamline the process. 

Having Automation Tools can be some beneficial assets to add to your digital marketing arsenal. And moreover,  if you wish to improve the efficiency of your online business game.

So, let’s unpack the top tools on the market today,  what they do, and how they can help you generate stronger returns. 

All-in-one Automation Tools – Omnisend, Marketo

A tool that can handle multiple digital marketing deliverables is a crucial part of your online advertising journey.  Also, these tools can streamline your marketing process and deliverables across multiple channels. Therefore, scaling your business for higher growth.

Omnisend is an all-in-one marketing tool designed to automate several channels at once. It is customizable, as it allows users to easily personalize their marketing output on different platforms. It works well for push notifications, email, SMS, and more.

The basic features of the Omnisend platform are free to use, with end-to-end plans costing as little as $16/month. Additionally, there is also a customizable plan that incorporates the latest features.  

Undoubtedly, Omnisend is a great automation tool for smaller e-commerce businesses. However, you could also research Marketo for larger marketing operations.

Marketo has a lot of amazing products that can help businesses excel in the digital marketing space. Everything from Digital Advertising, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Lead Management.

Pricing and monthly subscriptions are negotiable, and the platform is well worth looking into if you’re looking for increased performance. 

Email Marketing Automation – Automizy, Mailchimp

When it comes to consistent audience engagement and reach, email marketing is as strong today as it ever was.

Automating your email marketing is a great way to promote consumer loyalty. Allowing you to cross-sell across multiple products/services, including new features, and gated content. 

Here are two strong options to look into. 

Automizy is a great place to start growing and boosting your existing email open rates. The software can automate and refine outgoing emails across the subject line, pre-header, and CTA using cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

There is also a built-in AB testing feature for better analysis! Automizy is affordable, with monthly subscriptions ranging from $9 to $119 per month.

This, in turn, makes Automizy a great starting point for young marketers and/or smaller online businesses.

If you want something more tried and tested and do not mind paying a premium, you can check out Mailchimp. One of the original email marketing tools and still as effective as ever, a Mailchimp monthly subscription ranges from  $14.99-$299.

It’s a reliable tool that comes with tracking, segmenting, optimization, pre-scheduling features.

Social Media Automation Tools – Sprout Social and Buffer

Social remains the ultimate calling card to any online advertising drive. Automation tools to help manage Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, are a must-have. 

Sprout Social is a useful tool with a wide range of features. Manage social media campaigns, market posts effectively, increase monthly results and streamline existing insights. 

The tool does come in at a premium costing, with monthly subscriptions ranging between $99 and $249 per month. But the insights you stand to gain may well be worth the investment. 

More cost-effective yet equally effective is Buffer. With monthly subscriptions ranging between $15 to $99 per month. The tool is an intuitive way for campaign owners to schedule and manage their social media posts in one place.

A “replies and analyses” feature can further help in boosting your online presence/community engagement.  

Customer Journey Automation – Leadfeeder

Finally, when it comes to Customer Journey Automation, you can’t go wrong with Leadfeeder. This tool is geared towards generating and nurturing leads. Leadfeeder is able to cut the retention and acquisition times in half,  supplying B2B marketers and sales teams with qualified leads. Find out more about Lead Generation from leading digital marketer, Henry Whitfield. 

Leadfeeder is free (with an option to pay up to $55+ per month for further features).  Marketers can gain insight as to how their campaigns are found by qualified leads and how to successfully convert this traffic. 

The platform also very easy to use, which makes it worthwhile to check out for an automated way of lead management and customer journey!

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