3 Months in Ad Tech: A Digital Marketing Takeaway

I’ve just completed my 3-month Ad Tech internship within the digital marketing team at Adcash. 

Going into this program, I hoped to get an insightful window into ad tech and online advertising. I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed! 

In this article, I want to touch upon my time in the Ad tech world briefly. I’ll discuss my story, what I learned while working in the industry, the challenges I faced, and how I overcame them. 

I also have some words for advertisers and publishers who are just starting their financial freedom journey. So stay tuned!

Joining Adcash

I found out about the Adcash internship program through a school presentation. What struck me straight away was the good vibes and energy I got from the company representative. They promised an energetic work environment with like-minded people and a host of exciting challenges.

I found a team that was easy to work with and fun to be around. Also, the digital marketers and advertiser managers I worked with brought so much energy to the table. Therefore their innovative, and forward-thinking mentality drove motivation and passion. 

The application process was long. Nevertheless, after 2 interviews and an assignment on marketing-related tasks and analyses, I got the job!

It was a scary wait at the time, as I really wanted to be a part of the Adcash team and the ad tech industry.


The world of Ad Tech

It is fair to say that before coming to Adcash, I did not know much about the Ad Tech industry. Moreover, I only knew the fundamentals around advertisers/publishers and what they do.

However, once I joined the team, I took extensive time learning about the company and how we provide services for the advertisers to create ad campaigns and publishers to monetize their sites. 

In Ad Tech, there is a lot to do. I managed social media accounts from organizing company events to running with a wide range of internal tasks.

Therefore, there was never a shortage of things to do at the company during my stay, and my head was constantly racing with every aspect of digital marketing under the sun. 

There were a few challenges during my time, but the toughest one I faced was keeping my work organized. This, combined with the industry’s fast pace, led me at times, to fall behind on tasks, having to power through them as and where the opportunity presented itself.  

What got me through was the team I worked with, having my back, helping, and encouraging me along the way. I got the amazing pleasure of being in touch with some highly skilled people who are all ad tech experts in their own right. These people helped me along the way to learn more, stay encouraged to work harder, and immerse myself in the industry.

If one thing helped me and can certainly help others in Ad Tech, it is always to be involved in communities and teams. Whether at a company or at an event talking to others, being a part of a community can help you keep motivated, learn trends, and help you stay positive and energetic!

For those who are/want to be involved in Ad Tech

To advertisers and/or publishers, I have some thoughts on what’s needed to make Ad Tech work for you. 

When working for an ad network, the space is always changing. It’s the people and companies that change with the trends that span the test of time. The teams that keep their finger on the pulse of all the biggest sector changes are the ones who can pivot and adapt far quicker. 

Platforms like Adcash work tirelessly to find the best trends and features for every one of their clients to ensure that they get the best ROI possible!

When I say best ROI possible, this is not just about earning the most ‘’profit’’, or getting the most ‘’clicks’’.

It’s about finding the best traffic. One that targets the right audience so you get the most meaningful traffic to your site. 

That said, find an online advertising platform that will work with you and making your campaign profitable. 

I’ve worked with the Adcash team for the last 3 months, and I strongly recommend them. The entire team (from sales to dev to support) works tirelessly. They strive to ensure that everyone gets the results they need. 

How to start in Adcash!

If there is one thing I enjoyed, it is the experience at Adcash. The time I had here was golden, and I would not trade it for anything else. 

If you want to be part of Adcash as an advertiser, or as a publisher, simply sign up!

The registration process is quick and easy, and our experts will always be available to help you out with setting up your campaigns. 

Should you want to work in Adcash, or sign up for the next internship offers, simply check out our open positions!

Overall, the world of Ad Tech is exciting. The industry constantly evolves, with new trends and challenges. My time in ad tech has been one to cherish!

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