We’ve opened supply targeting on our self-service!

Our platform is transparent in every aspect: we charge no hidden fees, we openly disclose all statistics and give the decision making power to our users (supported, of course, by advanced technology). We have now decided to up our game and take this transparency to the next level. Adcash has evolved into a demand side platform and we have opened supply targeting to our advertisers.

What does it mean?

In simple terms we essentially give full transparency over our programmatic supply and how the different sources perform. Advertisers have the freedom to choose exactly which traffic sources they want to buy, since they are all together in one place – on the Adcash self-service platform! Combining that with the already hyper-granular targeting options that our platform offers…well, the possibilities really are endless.

Traffic sources

First of all, this is the ONLY place where you can buy exclusive Adcash traffic – what is ours is ours and you cannot find it on any other exchange. You see, what makes Adcash traffic so special is that we have strong and established partnerships with direct publishers and that sets us clearly apart from other similar services. We value our direct publishers very highly and work closely with them to make sure all sides of the advertising process are satisfied with the results.

Secondly, we have a vast network of RTB partners, which we are constantly working on to expand. Take your pick of the different supply sources provided by our partners for pop, display or native ads with sources for inapp to be added soon as well. You can also allow your campaigns to receive traffic from all of the new sources added – you’ll even be notified when we add new sources!

How it works

The major update for our users on our self-service platform is within the campaign creation/editing process, during the step where you can choose all your preferred targeting options. There’s now a new section titled “Supply” and, well, to quote a cliché that’s the place where all the magic happens. (You can believe it really is close to magical!)

We always give you options to choose from. You can either modify everything the way you see best or go with the default settings. (The thing with our default settings is that they are designed to produce results, so if you don’t wish to tweak every detail yourself, you can fully trust us.) For this targeting feature the default setting includes all our programmatic partners.

Although freedom of choice is an excellent thing to have, we still recommend keeping the manual selection of supply sources broad, since the campaign will be receiving supply based on the types of creatives added. Keep in mind also that supply sources perform differently in time – what works today might not work as well tomorrow. So it’s great to have flexibility and options to choose from.

…and the extra (because with Adcash, there’s always something extra)!

When you create a campaign on the Adcash self-service platform, you can run it on the supply of our partner networks. That means you go through the campaign creation process only once, saving immense amounts of time. What’s more, all the reporting is also aggregated together on our platform. You can analyze the performance of each and every supply source (separately even if need be) and you only need to log into one place – Adcash.

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