Adcash User Interest Targeting: Reach the right audience for you

Isn’t showing your ad to the right audience what every advertiser wants to achieve? Well, that’s exactly what Adcash User Interest Targeting allows you to do. Discover what our platform’s new feature can do!

The solutions that allow advertisers to target their audiences have been trending for a while. As it brings higher performance and ROI, it’s no wonder that it has got people talking. Tim Bruke is one of the latest ones to state that advertisers can get exceedingly better results when they target users based on their behaviors. User Interest Targeting gives advertisers a way to rise above the clutter and make their ads seen and work effectively. This is especially so since targeted ads are on average almost twice as effective than non-targeted advertisements.

In case you’re still wondering what exactly User Interest Targeting is and how does it differ from contextual targeting then you’re about to find out! We’ll also mention how User Interest Targeting can benefit both advertisers and website publishers.

What is User Interest Targeting?

Marketers generally have a product or service that they want to advertise and ultimately sell. But in order to do that, you want to reach the right audience, wherever they are on the web. User Interest Targeting allows you to do that.

You can use the Adcash User Interest Targeting feature available on the advertiser platform to select users who have exhibited an interest in something specific, such as cars. Then, whenever they visit a site, regardless of the site’s theme, they will be shown your ad. It really is the smart thing to do, as 71% of consumers prefer personalized ads.

ABC of the Adcash targeting tech

User Interest Targeting by its name is quite self-explanatory but how does it actually take place in our system? The Adcash engine, that sits at the heart of all of our targeting functionality, tracks and aggregates all user’s preferences as they browse the web and engage with ads, building up a user interest profile based on the content of the visited pages and ads they clicked on.

This data is then combined and analyzed on a per user level after which the user will then be classed by the system as being “interested” in that topic. To cut it down – we now give our advertisers the option to target those specific “interested” audiences, meaning we’ll offer behavioral targeting. This is not to be confused with contextual targeting where advertisers can target website categories. Most importantly, User Interest Targeting and website categories targeting are not to be used at the same time.

Because of the vast numbers of users that make up our total audience, the datasets involved are mind-bogglingly huge, posing some serious challenges for our product, IT and infrastructure teams. But, thanks to some clever, big data tools developed in-house, we’ve been able to tap into that massive stream of data and harness its potential like never before.

user interest targeting gif

OK, what are the perks?

The reason we added User Interest Targeting to our product lineup is simple: choice. It gives advertisers an added element of flexibility so they can create the type of ad campaign that they know works better.

Actually, the good part is quite obvious – you can reach the right audience wherever they might be. Targeting specific users allows advertisers to achieve the greatest click-through-rate. Since the user is already interested in a specific type of content or offer, they are more likely to click on the advert. Thus, an increase in ROI is a given, because an interested user is much more likely to buy the product/service on the ad. An additional positive part is the fact that User Interest Targeting saves time in the creative process of the ad. Knowing the type of users you target, it’s easier to nail the design first time around.


user interest benefits

Good for publishers

Adcash User Interest Targeting isn’t only about delivering better results for our advertisers. It also has a domino effect on our publishers, too. Because, when coupled with our hyper-granular targeting options, site visitors will see highly relevant ads, meaning better click-rates, which, ultimately, translates to better earnings.

Not only that but displaying ads that are relevant to your site’s visitors means they’re more likely to have a positive emotional response to it. One of the golden rules of online publishing is keeping your visitors happy and coming back for more. User interest targeted ads help you do exactly that, find more tips for efficient monetization here.

Todor Todorov

I would highly recommend advertisers to use User Interest Targeting in order to reach the desired audience for their product/service, no matter what other content that audience is browsing. We, at Adcash, are well aware that every Marketer knows their offer better than anyone else and can select the right audience for it. We have just presented it in a more simple and usable form for you.

Todor Todorov

Senior Ad Server & RTB Product Manager, Adcash

What could be better than reaching the exact user you want?

Simply log in to your Adcash account, start creating a campaign and lastly, select your target audience from the user interest section under the targeting options. From there, you’ll be able to specify the user interests you want to reach from a list, along with all the other advanced targeting features available through the Adcash platform. If you need a hand setting it all up, take a look at this article.

Alright, there’s no stopping you now! Go and reach your right audience now ➡️ create a campaign here.

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Jorge P. on May 22, 2019 at 10:43 pm

Pretty interesting, but there's always the topic of privacy, specially when you're tracking the user activity and not doing it contextually.

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