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Adcash wins most successful company at Äripäev Top 100 awards

Adcash wins at the Äripäev Top 100 awards

Awards. They’re like buses; you wait for ages and then loads come along at once! Following on from our success at the Enterprise Estonia gala last month, we’ve followed that up with some more silverware for the trophy cabinet.

Last night, at the Äripäev Top 100 awards, Adcash took the top spot, being declared the most successful company in Estonia! This is a huge achievement and a testament to our fantastic customers and, of course, the incredible team we have here at Adcash.

As a quick recap?

Adcash is an online advertising platform that delivers effective ad content to every corner of the earth, with the help of a 100,000 + network of high-quality websites.

Clients: Media buyers, affiliates, publishers, and, likewise ad networks.
Unique users per day: 200 million (and counting).
Geos: Worldwide, with a presence in 196 countries.
Ad Formats: Push Notifications, Pop-Unders, Native, and Display Ads, Interstitials.
Top TrendingInterstitial Ads (By the way, see why they’re better now than they were before)

Furthermore, reach out to one of our team here and we’ll help tailor your impressions!

Congratulations to all the other Äripaev Top 100 companies.

Photo: Veiko Tõkman

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Profile picture of Ramil Pärdi

Ramil Pärdi on Nov 27, 2015 at 7:41 am

Awesome result! Congratulations to the whole Adcash team from TRINITI Law Firm's team! And good luck for achieving the further goals.

Profile picture of Ben Billson

Ben Billson on Nov 30, 2015 at 2:04 pm

Thank you very much!

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