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Adcash x Voluum Automizer: a “How to” Guide

We break into September with some astonishing news! You haven’t seen anything like this before! Drumroll… 🥁 We are delighted to announce the collaboration with our beloved friends – Voluum. Please welcome Adcash x Voluum Automizer integration! 

It has always been fruitful to be working together with Voluum, and today, we are thrilled that this long-lasting friendship will benefit YOU, our dear Advertisers. The Adcash & Voluum integration will help you make the best of your ad campaigns, make them more profitable, and make your job easier! 

Stay with us as we uncover all of the secrets about the Automizer. Moreover, we’ll tell you some inside facts about Voluum (shush, only please don’t share them 🤫)  and walk you through integrating Automizer with Adcash, not excluding some paramount KPIs and other cool stuff! Alright, let’s start.

It’s essential to get acquainted first!

Please shake hands with Voluum – “an advanced, real-time SaaS analytics platform designed for performance marketers and self-serve advertisers to track the progress and profitability of their online campaigns. The platform powered by its database technology enables the processing of billions of real-time data requests within the blink of an eye”. 

Phew, that was long. 😅 We’ll make it simple for you – 

Voluum is an ad tracking software to optimize all your campaigns.

They are known for integrating multiple ad formats and essentially connecting all of the elements. Basically, doing your job for you – who doesn’t want that? 😍 Voluum collects data about your visitors and conversions and helps you encounter the most profitable combinations of traffic, ads, landing pages, and offers. 

But trust us, they’re not just a conversion tracking tool. Voluum can:

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Okay, that’s clear, right? Time to march on to the reason we all have gathered here  – ⚡️ Automizer ⚡️.

You must agree that managing multiple campaigns 24/7 may be a hassle, even for experienced marketers. Sympathize? That is why Voluum introduces Automizer: a built-in campaign automation tool that takes a more significant portion of campaign management off affiliates’ shoulders. 

Automizer is a set of features designed to automate typical affiliate tasks

 and reliably pass information between platforms. 

Want to hear a few cool features about Voluum Automizer? 😎👇

Full Integration This feature allows you to seemingly integrate selected traffic sources with Voluum using an API connection.-2

Do you still have some questions regarding the Automizer? 

Check out the Voluum support article!

Time to talk details now. How can you set up the Voluum Automizer with Adcash?

The core of Automizer’s functionality is controlling your campaigns with Voluum’s Rules. This requires you to integrate a supported traffic source first – Adcash. To set up tracking, you need to have a few things done already:

  • An active Adcash account with some funds added
  • An active Voluum account
  • An offer, and optionally, a lander
  • Creatives to promote your offer

Once you have everything prepared, you are ready to continue with the Automizer. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create a campaign in Voluum 💖

This will provide you with a campaign URL you will submit to Adcash as a destination URL in the second step.

   2. Create a campaign in Adcash 💜

Once the campaign has been successfully created, it will be pending review. Once approved, it will run or go into the pause status, according to what you have set previously.

   3. Create a goal in Adcash 🎯

Creating a goal generates a traffic source postback URL that you will be able to submit to Voluum. Thus, after finishing this step, you will obtain a tracking URL. 

   4. Submit a traffic source postback URL to Voluum 💻

The last thing you need to do is to tell Voluum where it should send information about conversions by submitting the tracking URL.

The detailed guide on how to track traffic with Voluum is waiting for you!

Congrats! You have now configured reporting conversions 

from Voluum to Adcash 🥳

If you want to forget about painstaking manual adjustments, Adcash x Voluum Automizer integration will make it effortless! A few reminders;  from now on, you can:

🚀 Pause/Restart your Adcash campaigns through your Voluum Dashboard.

✅ Blacklist/Whitelist “zones” on your Adcash campaigns within Voluum.

📋 Set up custom rules within Voluum to auto-optimize your Adcash campaigns.

Feel free to reach out to our all-star Advertiser team or support team at [email protected]! They are always there for you! 

And if you are not with us yet, remember, you can start advertising with Adcash and reach your target audience with results-driven performance advertising campaigns! 

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