1. 1.What is a Conversion?
  2. 2.Goals Explained
  3. 3.Tracking Check!
  4. 4.Tracking Options 
  5. 5.The Importance of Conversion Values
  6. 6.Main Goal Conversion Value
  7. 7.Campaign Conversion Value

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Conversion Value: ROAS Tips & Optimizing Campaign Performance

Conversions, goal tracking, ROAS assessment, and more, all in one place.

You probably have heard of the term “conversion” in business. Phrases like “conversion rate optimization” and “improve conversions” are constantly thrown in the mix. It makes sense, though, conversions are a key metric in determining success of an advertising campaign. However, determining successful conversions depends on your goal(s), which can be tricky to define. 

The complexity around campaign analysis and conversion success should be less complicated, so we decided to do just that – uncomplicated it. Before we cover the particulars of conversions, conversion value and the goals surrounding them, let’s get on the same page about the definition of conversion.


What is a conversion?

Let’s quickly define what a conversion is in the context of online advertising before we discuss the Adcash conversion value feature, including both main goal conversion value and campaign conversion value. Conversion is a consumer’s goal or action on a product or service by clicking on an ad. They are often also referred to as “events”. 

But which conversion types are available? That really depends on your campaign’s type and goal. Some of the most common conversion options include (but are not limited to):

→ Online sales ←

→ Lead generation ←

→ App installation ←

→ Subscription ←

→ Registration/sign-up ←


Goals Explained

Depending on your pre-defined goal, you can define which events you want to track. Some actions could be delayed as well. For instance, a sign-up is one conversion, while purchasing the product/service after the sign-up is another conversion. 

It may sound granular, but investing time in goal tracking and setting up a conversion value for your campaign will pay dividends in the end. Add a new goal by accessing the Adcash platform, then look under the “tracking” section of “campaigns” Never created a goal?

So, get comfortable, and let’s jump into how conversions work on the Adcash platform and address what the updated conversion value feature entails.


⚠️ Tracking Check ⚠️ 

Real quick, you must set up tracking if it isn’t already. Unsure about tracking on the Adcash platform? Don’t fret, Senior Advertiser Manager Evgeniy breaks down tracking options and methods, as well as how to track if you aren’t familiar with the process, in the video below.

Why is the use of tracking important? Check out the graphic below. 👇


Tracking Options 

To integrate campaign tracking, you can choose between three (3) methods depending on which events you want to track:

→ Global Postback URL (S2S) ←

→ Campaign HTML Pixel ←

→ Hybrid HTML Pixel ←

To learn more about each integration method and for which events they’re suitable for, check out our piece covering different Adcash campaign tracking options.

The Importance of Conversion Values

There are multiple layers to conversion value settings on the Adcash platform. Why? So, you’d be able to analyze your ad campaign results even better than before. Let’s dig in! 

The conversion value represents a numerical value of how much each action is worth to the advertiser. This value helps to determine and optimize the ad campaign’s effectiveness and business impact more accurately. 

The conversion tracking data is essential to optimize and increase the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of your campaign. The visualized data is available under the performance tab and can only be viewed if tracking is enabled.

So, after defining your conversion value you’ll be able to dive deep into campaign analysis and see data about profit and ROAS, which you wouldn’t see otherwise. The example below highlights a negative profit and ROAS with a positive revenue, what we call a “low performing” zone. We suggest increasing your bid(s) here because you are experiencing conversions, therefore revenue. You could profit and increase your ROAS by making your bids more competitive.

Here, you can also directly customize your campaign bids, identify what works and what doesn’t and take action, such as finding the “not-performing” zones and blacklist those zones.


Main Goal Conversion Value

You can set your main goal conversion values for each event you want to track, measure and use this data for campaign optimization and improve targeting. Below is an example of a Registration goal on the Adcash advertiser platform using “Hybrid HTML pixel” with the main goal conversion value set at $1. To change this value, you can use the “edit” feature.

NB! You cannot change the currency. Once you create a campaign, the selected currency will always be used with that campaign.

Campaign Conversion Value

With our newest update, the advertisers can now set their conversion value at a campaign level. The campaign conversion value helps you to understand your campaign’s performance and calculate itsROAS. This allows you to improve how you measure campaign profitability during the campaign optimization process.To better assess your campaign performance by receiving data from Adcash via the Performance Tab, you have one of two ways:

Automatic is taken directly from the postback under specific parameter conditions leading to the conversion value.

Manual allows for a more involved process if you can’t use the postback. In this option, you can add a “fixed” value to customize your conversion value per campaign (see example below).

NB! The campaign conversion value will take priority over the “main goal conversion value” that you have set in the tracking settings.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the goal conversion value is a unique and useful metric that measures a conversion’s value and helps advertisers like you determine the return on ad spend (ROAS) of online advertising campaigns more precisely.

What do you think about the conversion value feature? Have you already used it? Let us know your experience with it so we can help you better optimize your campaign performance and Adcash platform experience.

For more information, please send a message to our team of dedicated customer success managers or get in touch with your account manager.


May the conversions be ever in your favor,


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