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5 SEO Trends for 2022 (And How To Prepare)

SEO has become more multi-dimensional than ever before. The sector has grown in leaps and bounds since the early days of backlinking. Now, website owners have a near-endless selection of tools, channels, and mediums to help send their site to page 1.   

From the global impact of voice search and augmented reality, to semantically related keywords, long-form content, and killer analytics. Here are a few easy to grasp, quick-to-adopt changes taking the SEO sector to the next level in 2022. 

There are a few simple requirements that will keep your site prominent on Google and other search consoles. These best practices, when executed correctly, will bring in steady onsite traffic and move your website through to higher page rankings. Throw a little targeted advertising into the mix, and you’ll start to see your monetization goals and click-throughs climbing higher. 

Tips for improved SEO in 2022 

✏️ Always write unique and attention-grabbing titles, descriptions, and onsite content. 

📚 Populate your primary keywords in your H2 and H3 headings.

⚙️ Optimize your title tags and meta-description. 

🌱 Add your primary keyword(s) early on in your content.

⚡ Ensure your site loading speed is between 2 to 3 seconds.

✋ Always throw in a few internal links to your other products/offers/pages.

📲 Optimize your content and images for mobile compatibility.

🎨 Aim for rich content with quality backlinks.  

📝 For blog articles, keep your word count in the region of 1,500 to 3,000 words. 

🔥 Use the Google EAT principle to become the leading authority in your vertical/field.

Latest SEO Stats

If you’re still deciding whether you want to put more time and resources into effective SEO optimization in 2022, the below stats may be the last push in a compelling case.  As of 2021,

  • An average internet user will search Google 4 to 15 times a day for various queries.
  • Google receives over 63,000+ search queries every second, with 67% of these clicks going to the top five organic search results.
  • 60% of digital marketers believe that inbound (SEO) and blog content is their highest source of quality leads with a 14.6% close rate.
  • 49% of digital marketers report organic search to be the single best ROI of any marketing channel.


SEO Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Whether you’re a hardened industry veteran or your site is fresh off the digital press, a few trends and best practices are taking the lead and driving the course of onsite optimization. Here is our pick for 5 of the most exciting SEO trends and developments moving into 2022. 

  1. The Continued Impact Of Semantically Related Keywords 💡
  2. Further Localization of Onsite Content 🌐
  3. Data and Analytics For Better Tracking and Optimization  📊 
  4. The Evolution of Voice Search  📣
  5. Overall Value of the Featured Snippet 🗞️

Keep Using Semantically Related Keywords

Now more than ever, the meaning and intent behind a keyword or phrase carries paramount importance in the eyes of Google. These days, your garden variety, commonly used keywords, don’t send the same presence they did five years ago. Google is now placing time and resources into semantically related keywords to understand natural language the way you or I would. 

A search query around “books” might target some of the below semantically related phrases 

💻 “Download books.”

📚 “Best-selling books.”

💔 “Romantic books.”

🏆 “Award-winning books.”

📅 “Latest books.”

Localize Your Content 

A surefire way to bring in targeted traffic is to localize your content. Big or small, more businesses are running offers and promotions unique to their local target base. Honing in on local keywords that direct consumers to your range of products and services, show them where to find you, and send them to your site with the least possible hassle will continue to gain mass traction. 

The best way to increase your localized organic traffic would be to create your own Google My Business page and generate a strong backlink profile. With enough solid keywords and backlinks localized to a particular area, digital marketers and website owners will be far more likely to create niche clicks and rank for services in specific regions. Find out more about localization and other core SEO ranking strategies right here

Track Your Impact with Data and Analytics

Having the right analytics in place is more important than ever. Top tools give website owners the ability to understand better how Google ranks websites moving into 2022. 

The most widely used software is undoubtedly Google Analytics. The platform is designed to track and analyze all aspects of website engagement and holds thousands of filtering options, including bounce rates, time spent on site, best and worst ranked articles, site/page speed, redirects, and more.

The aim is to pinpoint which pages are performing the best by looking at complex data and further optimizing those dropping in rank. You can also choose the pages you would like to be indexed and hide the ones you don’t want crawlers going over. Check out the SEMrush SEO Toolkit or others for an end-to-end solution.

Always make sure you have the right tools to find out what your site traffic is looking for, how they’re looking for it, and how you can monetize their interest with more of the same targeted content. 

Embrace the Evolution of Voice Search

Fast becoming the new staple in digital, voice-activated search is rising to meteoric proportions, with most prominent tech companies throwing their hat in the game. Globally, 55% of all houses will own an intelligent personal speaker by 2023. From Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant to Samsung’s “Bixby” personal assistant, all eyes are on voice search for 2022. 

Optimizing for voice search falls to the keywords you’ll be using in your onsite SEO strategy. Gear your search criteria to simple, long-form phrases that traffic might use in everyday conversation. Voice search thrives on easy-going, natural language, with various abbreviations thrown in for good measure. 

Find the Value of the Featured Snippet

Featured Snippets are a great way to unlock higher organic traffic from the get-go. These chunks of text appear at the top of the page for any number of Google search results. A snippet intends to answer search queries most quickly and easily. Google will pull this snippet from your overall article to give users a “shortcut” to the insights they need. Especially helpful if the content/material is complicated (like core benefits of machine learning) or any other detailed topic.

These snippets bring in more clicks from the organic search results and position your site as an authority in the field. Snippets are into tables, definitions, “how-to” steps, or lists. To capitalize on featured snippets, you’ll need first to pinpoint the opportunities where Google can add snippets to searches. Try out the SEMRush position tracking tool to get started. Next, you’ll need to optimize your site content so that Google can pull what it needs to. A 40-60 word snippet usually does the trick. Find out more about Featured Snippets and other SEO ranking strategies right here

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That’s it for now. We hope the above SEO developments for 2022 take your site to page 1.  And, please leave a comment in the box below if you’ve got something we missed. 

Thanks. Bye.

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