1. 1.Online Advertising Spending Increased Globally
  2. 2.Quality Tiers Bidding Leads to Higher ROAS
  3. 3.Display Ads Outperformed on Mobile
  4. 4.New & Improved Ad Technology is King
  5. 5.Conversion Value Assisted Campaign Performance
  6. 6.Autotag, A Publisher’s Dream
  7. 7.What 15 Years of Ad Tech Experience Feel Like

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7 Things We Learned From Online Advertising in 2022

Online ad spending is estimated to have increased by 8.6% from 2021.

Another year has come and passed. The ad spending has never left. Wake me up when 2022 ends. Oh, sorry, is that not the green day you’re looking for? If you want to see green days in 2023, reflecting on the previous year for guidance and inspiration will be helpful. Find out what we learned from the online advertising landscape in 2022.

#1 Online Advertising Spending Increased Globally

Since 2018, online advertising has experienced a continual increase in ad spending globally. Surely, 2023 will continue to grow. Ad spending in the Digital Advertising market is projected to reach $701 billion in 2023, per Statista. 

Looks can be deceiving. While spending is geared to rise for 2023, the rate at which the number changes will slow down, as Forbes forecasts.

#2 Quality Tiers Bidding Leads to Higher ROAS

From the Adcash online advertiser platform family of fantastic features, the quality tiers bidding system allows you to place a bid in each tier for best campaign optimization practices. The system is a neat performer in dynamic pricing. This is no surprise, as 37% of total active Advertisers and 57% of active CPM Advertisers use our quality tiers bidding. More than half of CPM advertisers prefer quality tiers bidding over one unique bid.

We asked our leadership to describe Adcash in one word:


#3 Display Ads Outperformed on Mobile

The battle for mobile and desktop ads remains, but in 2022, the tussle between the display and full-screen ads lifted a clear favorite. In the Adcash November 2022 monthly report, mobile ads outperformed desktop ads by 22%, with nearly ⅔ of impressions from display ads reaching mobile.

Mobile and Desktop Ad Stats

Ps. The monthly reports from each month in 2022 reflected similar numbers.

#4 New & Improved Ad Technology is King

To ensure a seamless, efficient, and effective user experience, we are constantly updating the technology and adding features to help improve the user interface. With a new publisher panel, publishers, too, can increase their profits. Moreover, to continue to reach 200 million unique users daily, our data platform has undergone a reinvigoration allowing for a robust system.

#5 Conversion Value Assisted Campaign Performance

Campaign optimization is a strategic way for advertisers to increase ROAS. Setting up tracking allows for better visualisation and performance analysis of your campaigns. With the recent update, you can not only set a target for your main conversion value but can also do so per campaign. That feeds even more precise data to our Performance Tab feature cutting your campaign optimization time in half. View impressions juxtaposed with conversions, win rate, auctions, and profit, as well as ROAS to upgrade your campaign to the next level. We see a more seamless and effective ad analytics review in the future.

We asked our leadership what keyword represents Adcash in 2023:


#6 Autotag, A Publisher’s Dream

Designed by publishers, for publishers, the multi-purpose feature, Autotag, has continued to provide publishers monetization opportunities. We were also tweaking the format further in 2022 to make sure it continues to revolutionize website monetization. In addition, publishers have seen an increase in Cost Per Mille (CPM).

Monetization Goal gif changing from user experience to user experience/money to money.

#7 What 15 Years of Ad Tech Experience Feel Like

In 2022, Adcash celebrated 15 years as a company. From a small group of eager young professionals to a growing company with three international offices in Barcelona, Spain; Sofia, Bulgaria; and Tallinn, Estonia. The culmination of over a decade of industry experience and goal-oriented talent has demonstrated the value of knowledge in this field. With 15 years of experience, performing our best has allowed you, the performers perform well.

Did you or your business experience this in 2022? Did you learn or have something to add to this list? Let us know in the comments. 

If you have any questions, our support team is ready to assist you.


Happy New Year!


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