How To Choose the Right Ad Network

When choosing an Ad Network, key players immediately come to mind. Google AdSense, Facebook, and Amazon are larger than life and well recognized in the space. 

2021 brings new trends, exciting features, and more competition than ever before. Therefore, more savvy advertisers and publishers are turning towards private ad networks to boost their online returns. 

Target the Right Ad Networks

While the above networks continue to claim market share, their restrictions on ad campaigns and placements become more rigid. 

Large ad networks can shut down accounts on a whim, and advertisers need to reach higher and higher payout cappings to receive their money. Moreover, the lack of personal touch can feel isolating, especially if you’re starting out and in need of a little guidance. 

With so many campaigns competing for the same traffic, online advertisers’ offers can get lost in a tidal wave of irrelevance. The ensuing drop in quality can lead to less than ideal ad placements for publishers and their websites.

Finding the Right Ad Network 

However, as the tech giants lumber forward, for better or worse, there are many lean and ultra-effective platforms claiming profitable portions of the larger Ad Tech market.

On the advertiser side, these platforms offer increased visibility, varied and flexible payment models, and higher returns on campaigns.

On the Publishers’ side, website owners can look forward to placing high-quality, relevant ads that stem directly from the highest paying bids. 

Research the Right Ad Network 

It’s fair to say it’s easier than ever to partner with the right ad network, but as with any profitable sector, there are always bad seeds to steer clear of. 

Some ad networks spring up overnight, promising top returns, only to be out the door the next day and never seen or heard from again.

That’s why it’s critical to know who you’re partnering with before signing up for an Ad Network. Track record, credibility, and range of services go a long way to finding the ad network that’s right for you. 

Questions To Ask Yourself

Whether you’re a Publisher or Advertiser, there are a few core points to keep in mind when choosing the right ad network.

  • Available ad formats provided.
  • Fill rates, pricing, and/or payment options.
  • Special features and optimization capability.
  • Extent and level of platform anti-ad-block technology.
  • The overall ability for reporting and statistics.
  • Transparency and ad compliance.
  • Anti-Adblock technology.
  • Company reputation.
  • Support team capability.

What to Look For

Comb through different search criteria and social feeds to find the ad network with the best reputation across multiple platforms.

Ad Tech forums like AffLIFT and STM Forum usually review prominent ad networks in detail, unpacking their features, filters, platform integrations, and overall potential to generate revenue.

Review sites

Check out TrustPilot, and Quora to better weigh up the positive and negative of a given Ad Network.

Once you’ve narrowed your search down, you can research 3 core factors that will influence an Ad network’s credibility. 

Ad Network Transparency

Always partner with an ad network that prides itself on transparency and simplicity. Opt for platforms that will give you full, unaltered access to top-performing statistics whilst tracking and displaying your earnings on a month-to-month basis. This, in turn, will allow you to track and gauge your online performance in real-time! 

Ad Network Reputation and Legacy 

Online ad networks pop up and shut down in the blink of an eye, with most of them falling short of the five-year mark. This is usually because they’re opting for quick-fire returns and not in the game for the long run. Always choose a partner with a proven track record and a whole lot of “skin in the game.”  

Cutting-edge security and anti-Adblock technology

The ad network you choose to work with needs to have a state-of-the-art anti-Adblock solution in place to ensure that, as a publisher,  the right ads are never cut from your site, and, as an advertiser, your offers are consistently reaching their end mark with the maximum possible exposure. 

Advanced anti-Adblock technology will, in turn, ensure that your online revenue will stay intact and continue to climb.

Make sure you’re partnering with a network that values online security above all else and constantly updates its protocols to keep your profile and deposited fees lock tight and well protected.

Adcash. 14 Years of Leading Ad Tech 

If you’re new to the game, looking for a change, or haven’t quite yet found what you’re looking for in an ad Network, take a month to try out Adcash.

With a little easy integration, you might see your clickthrough rates and online ad revenue climb higher than ever before.  

If you like what you see and want to get started, you can set up an advertiser and/or Publisher account straight away. After a quick verification process, your account will be active, and you’ll have unprecedented access to…

  • 300+ Billion ad requests per month.
  • 6+ Billion ad impressions per month
  • 200+ million unique users per day.
  • 250,000+ conversions per day.
  • 10k+ active customers (advertisers & publishers)
  • 10k+ active campaigns.
  • An active footprint in 196 different countries.
  • A host of different features, tracking, and optimization capabilities

Staying in line with the latest technology and trends allows Ad Networks like Adcash and others to successfully…

Reach Global Audiences:

Where advertisers can unify their media buying efforts and gain access to an exclusive network of top-tier websites, as well as 200+ supply partners. 

Fight Ad Fraud:

Last year, the Adcash platform saved Advertisers $12.1M in fraudulent ad activity and bot traffic. 

Smart Bidding:

Smart bidding technology that is able to seamlessly optimize ROAS by automatically removing tedious manual work and time-consuming filtering. 

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And on the publisher side of things, the ability to find and place only the most high-quality ads through Real-Time Ad Bidding gives website owners the surety of hosting…

The Highest Earning Ad Formats: Publishers have full control over which Ad Formats they would like to place on their site. These high-performing ad formats include In-Page Push, Pop-Under, Interstitial, Native, and Banner. 

Additionally, the ability to monetize as many impressions as possible with the highest fill rates means that only the most relevant ads make their way to your site.

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That’s it for now. Thanks for sticking around. Don’t forget to leave a comment in the box below. All the best on the road to finding the ultimate Ad Network, and have a rocking rest of the year.

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