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  4. 4.Which Ad Format Will Boost Sales?
  5. 5.Christmas & New Year’s Sales
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Holiday Season Winning: Tips for Online Advertising 2023

Cold, dark, and white all over. No, we’re not talking about a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor. We’re talking about the most wonderful time of the year: the winter holidays! No matter the religious or cultural background, there are several holidays this winter season that you can capitalize on and improve ROI and ROAS. As you bundle up, bundle your gifts, and prepare for time with the family, we’ve bundled tips for advertisers to profit and publishers to maximize your revenue.



🗓️ Important Dates 🗓️

Dubai Shopping Festival: December 15th – January 29th

Hanukkah 2022: December 18th – 26th

Winter Solstice 2022: December 21st

Christmas 2022: December 25th

New Year’s Day 2023: January 1st

Three Kings Day (Epiphany) 2023: January 6th

We know the holiday season is around the corner and which days those holidays fall on. Now, let’s talk strategy. For advertisers and publishers, we have tips that will give you a heads-up on how to approach this holiday season. 

💡 Tip: If you’ve experienced success after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we strongly recommend following the same strategies.

🟣 Advertisers 🟣

Mobile vs. Desktop Ads

When considering devices to optimize your campaign, you might be wondering if mobile or desktop ads are best. Our verdict: use both. Conversions on mobile and desktop ads in recent years have been close. All ads should be mobile-friendly.

Mobile and Desktop Ad Stats

Design, Test, and Optimize Multiple Ads

First things first, come up with multiple options for ad content. The more, the merrier. Pun intended. From there, test ads with all or specific ad formats from our advertiser platform. We’ll cover the best ad formats for you in the next section below. Make sure you test at least one week (7 calendar days) before you plan to run your campaign. 

During the entire campaign optimization process, stay focused on assessing your ads. This will give you an idea of which ads are performing the best and which ones you should consider updating with more eye-catching copy and design.


🏇 Sports Betting 🎥 Video On Demand 💜 Online Dating
💻 VPN Services 🎰 Casinos & Gambling (iGaming)

Which Ad Format Will Boost Sales?

As mentioned above, testing ads and the available ad formats will significantly help. Use all, use one, or use a combination of more than one. Whichever you choose, you’ll be jolly.

Pop-Under Our top performing ad format, Pop-Under ads pop under the current page the user is on. The cool part about your site popping under is that this will be the last thing the user sees before leaving. The user experience with this ad allows for limited interruptions, minimized pressure to purchase or act, and a continuation of seamless browsing, which we strongly recommend.
Interstitials Appear while a website or page is loading. They have a 5-second countdown window, meaning a guaranteed delay in exit times and a more substantial monetization potential. They are an extremely versatile and cost-effective ad format for advertisers, delivering maximum exposure in return for a minimal investment.
In-Page Push These alert-like ads mimic the traditional push notification in their design. They are well-targeted, highly engaging, and less intrusive to the end-user experience.
Native The format blends seamlessly with the surrounding onsite content, generating high engagement rates and conversions. When onsite, Native Ads are regarded as less intrusive and provide publishers with an easy way to boost ad revenue.
Banners The OG display ad. You can opt for skyscraper, rectangle, or leaderboard. A fail-safe and classic option for your holiday e-commerce campaigns.

First, try Pop-UnderInterstitial, and In-Page Push in your testing phase. If you experience success, continue with these ad formats and test with the other ad formats. You never know which else will boost sales! If you’re struggling, don’t fret: keep testing with different options. You can also contact your manager for advice. We want your stocking to be full this holiday season!

Christmas & New Year’s Sales

While there are other holidays to focus on this winter, Christmas and New Year’s are among the most popular worldwide. 

For your campaign(s), run ads that showcase the most fantastic deals, promos, giveaways, flash sales, gift cards, and any other incentives to buy. Increase the likelihood of purchase by creating a sense of urgency. Consider using a countdown timer.

Countdown Clock Advertising Tip

💡Tip: If you’re a retailer, consider offering free shipping and returns. If you do, include it in your ad if possible.

Now that we’ve covered incredible ways to increase conversion, put this together with ad formats that will best suit your campaign and run, run Rudolph!

🟡 Publishers 🟡

Traffic will be coming in left and right. Mainly 7-10 days before Christmas, late shoppers will be hectically searching for last-minute gift opportunities. This particular time, test more than often. Finding the best traffic for your site can be the difference between leading to conversions and quick bounce rates.

Monetization Success

We’ll keep it short and sweet so your ROI is long and flavorful. When you’re looking for the best traffic in your campaign, make sure to:

🏷 Use Autotag  🏷

⚔️ Include Anti-AdBlock Tags  ⚔️

Also, when considering which ad formats to use, we recommend our top-performing Pop-Under, as well as In-Page Push and Interstitials. However, we strongly suggest testing out all ad formats so you can monetize from every possible angle. We want you to have two turtle doves AND a partridge in a pear tree!


Holiday Top-Up Bonus! 🎁 

In the spirit of holiday giving, we here at Adcash want to extend a top-up bonus to you. The one-time use bonus is available from December 19 – 31, 2022.

You must add a minimum of $200, but it cannot exceed $1000. To get the bonus, sign in to your Adcash profile. Go to the “Add Funds” tab. Insert code ADCASH15 into the empty box and press proceed to payment. You can see the approved bonus in your Wallet.


That’s all, folks! 

Wherever you are in the world, we at Adcash wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. And, as always, reach out to us if you have any questions.


-Adcash Team

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